Pension Drawdown Calculator

Our Pension Drawdown calculator helps you see how much income you could receive with pension drawdown, and allows you to compare this with the income you could receive from a pension annuity. You don't need to include any final salary pensions or your state pension.

I am years old and I have saved in my pension pots , and I of my 25% tax - free cash.


Total pension pot
Tax-free cash 25%
Remaining pension pot

The example below gives you an idea of the income our pension drawdown product might provide. The result is an example only and is not advice. The actual income you can get will depend on your individual circumstances.

Flexible income you can take when you want, it's not guaranteed

Annual income
Investment return
  • You decide the amount of income and when it’s paid
  • The value of your pension can go up or down and you could get back less than you paid in
  • Income isn't guaranteed, you could run out of money

The 'Annual income' figure shows the amount before any tax has been deducted. You can change it using the drop-down – the more you take, the less time your money will last. You can see the effect of three different rates of return on the size of your pot by using the 'Investment return' drop-down.

Guaranteed income for the rest of your life

Pension Annuity

a year
for the rest of your life
  • Can pay higher income for health conditions and lifestyle risks.
  • Can provide an income for your spouse, civil partner or beneficiary after you die.
  • Can’t change your options once the plan has started.

The figure above shows the gross income before any tax is deducted.

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