Business life insurance


Running a business is one of life’s great journeys, but there is a lot at stake for any business owner: your financial security, your professional relationships and your livelihood.

By having a plan B, you can safeguard the financial health of your business, and that’s where business life insurance comes in.

In this guide we’ll take a look at what business life insurance means, and which policies you may want to consider for you and any business partners.

What is business life insurance?

The world is an unpredictable place, but business life insurance offers businesses a greater degree of financial certainty.

Essentially, it’s there to protect your business’s finances if something unforeseen – such as critical illness or death – happens to you, your staff or a senior stakeholder.

In reality, ‘business life insurance’ is a broad term that encompasses many different forms of business protection, as we’ll explore here.

Business life insurance for sole traders

If you’re a sole trader, you’re eligible to set up business life insurance in the form of Key Person Protection, Business Loan Protection or a Relevant Life Plan is designed for you employees. If you’re just getting started as a business, read more about sole trader status on GOV.UK.

Life insurance for business partners

If you operate within a business partnership, you can set up Share Protection, Key Person Protection and Business Loan Protection ‘in trust’. With a Relevant Life Plan, employees of a partnership (including salaried partners) are eligible, as well as Limited Liability Partnerships.

Business life insurance for limited companies

Limited companies can take out a Relevant Life Plan for employees, which can include company directors, or Key Person Protection and Business Loan Protection on the life of a key person and Share Protection.

Business Life Insurance for Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

An LLP can apply for a Relevant Life Plan for the employees, or Key Person Protection, Business Loan Protection on the life of a key person and Share Protection.

Which life insurance is right for my business?

Small businesses with less than ten employees won’t be eligible for our group life insurance schemes. A Relevant Life Plan is an alternative way to provide staff with a 'death in service' benefit. Insurance can also help businesses with continuity planning by covering the death or incapacity of an essential person. Options include Key Person Protection, Business Loan Protection and Share Protection

Want to learn more about business life insurance?

Life has a habit of throwing up surprises, but with business life insurance in place, you can give your business some peace of mind and continue focusing on what you do best.

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