Who are we

Hometree is the easiest pound per minute way for brokers to earn additional income. Anyone who has a boiler can get cover. No awkward questions for your customers and it's done in under four minutes. That's about £20/minute to you.

Hometree is a fast-growing, residential energy services company offering comprehensive home and boiler insurance plans to over 100,000 UK homeowners and landlords. Our products provide annual boiler servicing from skilled local engineers and emergency support for a range of different emergencies. From boilers to broken windows we have competitively priced plans to meet a host of different needs and budgets.

Firmly trusted by customers when their equipment breaks down, we are now on a mission to help millions of people transition to lower-carbon energy solutions. When customers are ready, we are well-placed to provide flexible zero-deposit financing solutions for home upgrades including energy-efficient boilers, heat pumps, solar panels, batteries and more.


What we do

Earn commission and help your clients avoid unwanted, emergency costs long after they’ve signed your paperwork

Help protect your clients from unwanted surprise costs with a Hometree plan. Whether they're remortgaging or getting a mortgage for a new home, our affordable boiler and home cover plans offer excellent-rated protection against a wide range of home emergencies from broken boilers to leaking pipes and even pests. Earn commissions with every plan purchase. Choose from:

(£45 commission) Your Boiler: Our basic cover for the boiler and controls

(£49 commission) Your Heating: a Comprehensive cover covering the boiler, controls and central heating

(£53 commission) Your Home: Our advanced cover which adds Plumbing, drains and home electrics.

(£53 commission) Your Home Plus: Our maximum cover which includes everything above plus home security and pests.

Hometree plans can help protect your clients' long-term financial security, providing peace of mind and reducing the impact of unexpected emergencies