Who we are

Eligible.ai launched its retention solution in January 2020. We now have over 2,500 advisors and 500,000 consumers using the system. Our software consistently engages with every consumer for the duration of their product helping to maximise revenue opportunities. We increase retention by 30% and drive a 9XROI for our clients.

We’re the only system in the market that contacts every applicant linked to a mortgage and sends them on independently curated journeys. Our AI predicts each applicant’s needs and anxieties, segmenting them so that communications are relevant.

We believe in empowering the consumer, hence providing educational content so the consumer can make a more informed decision when purchasing financial products. We engage with every client with an ‘always relevant approach’



What we do

Our purpose is to help consumers make better informed financial decisions. Post transaction client servicing is very poor within the industry, our software changes this.
We help mortgage brokers in several ways:

  1. Through consistent engagement we help brokers keep their clients for life. We help drive retention rates materially higher and stop consumers going direct with their existing lender or use another broker.
  2. We help drive additional revenue opportunities - Protection/Insurance.
  3. Brand building- Through consistent engagement, we help to drive brand awareness
  4. Consumer Duty

We increase Retention by 30% and our software drives and 9XROI

Procuration fees

Eligible is a SaaS based solution so our pricing will vary depending on the number of consumers we are servicing for the client.

The initial contract is 6 months with a 30-day break clause. Extended term of 18 months where pricing does not change until the end of 2 years.

Monthly Direct Debit

How to register

Brokers can register for a demo through the Eligible website.


Contact us

Brokers can get in touch and register interest in a Product Tour on the Eligible website