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With StrideUp you get a dedicated team who will take the time to understand what’s right for you and your clients. We’re contactable through online chat, phone and email and have a 1-day initial review of applications.

Call: 020 3875 3585


Who we are

StrideUp is a residential Home Purchase Plan provider that offers a Shariah-compliant product to help the UK’s 4 million Muslims.

Our products empower brokers to reach a new audience - for many Muslims, a conventional mortgage doesn’t meet their faith requirements, but with StrideUp they can achieve their property goals with an ethical and Shariah-compliant product. With competitive rates and a flexible approach to underwriting, we aim to be a valued partner to the broker community.

It’s our vision to create a fairer housing market that’s inclusive and caters for diverse needs. Whether your client is a first-time homebuyer or someone looking to refinance, our residential solutions provide a refreshing alternative by integrating specialist criteria to ensure individuals from various backgrounds can achieve their home buying goals.

What we do

Discover the power of inclusive home finance with our unique product range designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients:

Inclusive Home Finance:

  • Shariah-Compliant: Providing an ethical option for Muslim clients, ensuring financial solutions align with their values.
  • No credit scoring is used; instead, intelligent discussions on cases to ensure a fair assessment.
  • Non-UK citizens on visas, recognising and adapting to residency statuses.
  • Finance available up to age 75, subject to affordability assessment.
  • Flexible term of up to 40 years.

Empowering Financial Reach:

  • 100% of second and non-standard income sources.
  • Zero hours contracts, universal credit, working tax credit, and most benefits are accepted, with up to a 6x income multiple.

Bank of Family and Friends:

  • 100% cash-gifted deposits accepted from parents, family, and friends.
  • Up to 4 applicants and incomes are included in the affordability, recognisng the collective strength of families and friends.

Self-Employed & Contractors:

  • One year trading required for self-employed, subject to a minimum income of £50k.
  • Flexibility to use salary and dividends or net income for company directors.
  • Day rate contractors are assessed on a 48-week basis, acknowledging the unique financial dynamics of contract-based employment.
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StrideUp’s proposition is constructed as a Home Purchase Plan. A Home Purchase Plan is regulated under FCA rules (requires separate advice permissions).

  • If you have FCA HPP advice permissions, you can advise the customer and submit the application directly to StrideUp.
  • If you do not have FCA HPP advice permissions, you can refer the customer directly to StrideUp and we will provide the advice.

Regardless of who advises the client, a procuration fee will be paid on completed cases.