Legal and regulatory information

Definition of terms

Adviser centre is defined as the services offered by Legal & General via the Internet to the User.

User is defined as the owner or employee of an Adviser or Adviser organisation that is authorised to use Legal & General’s Adviser Centre.

Instructions on use

The services on our Adviser Centre may only be used in support of an Agency Agreement with Legal & General.

Client and policy information provided by our Adviser Centre must be for the User’s sole use only and should not be requested by anyone who is not authorised to access that information.

Full details on how our Adviser Centre services work are available within our Adviser Centre itself.


Copyright in the pages of this site, in the screen displaying the pages and in the information, texts, graphics and material contained therein and their arrangement is owned by Legal & General Assurance Society Limited, unless otherwise stated.

Reproductions, copies and derivatives of the material on our Adviser Centre may only be used in support of an Agency Agreement with Legal & General and only then provided the reproductions, copies and derivatives are true to the original.

Nothwithstanding the above, Legal & General Assurance Society Limited retains ownership of copyright in all such reproductions, copies or derivatives.

Client Confidentiality

The User acknowledges that he or she has access via our Adviser Centre to personal information about Legal & General’s clients.  It is a fundamental precondition of the use of our Adviser Centre that the User only asks for information on clients for whom they are the current servicing agent and that the User complies with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 (and any re-enactment) at all times.

The User must be aware that we will be conducting internal checks on request made to make sure that these Terms and Conditions are being adhered to.

The User must also take every step to avoid the unauthorised disclosure of information received via our Adviser Centre to any third-party.  In particular, the utmost care must be taken to keep any responses received via our Adviser Centre confidential and secure.  Should the User have knowledge (or suspicion) of circumstances which amount to an unauthorised disclosure or failure to keep information confidential, the User must let us know immediately.

Breach of any of these requirements will result in the immediate withdrawal of access to our Adviser Centre and may lead to notification to our Compliance department and the termination of the User’s Agency Agreement(s) with Legal & General.

Termination of access

Legal & General reserves the right to terminate the User’s access for any reason with no period of notice.