We understand that you might be finding it hard to pay your premiums right now, and we want to help you stay protected. 

If you’re suffering from financial hardship, you may be able to take a Payment Holiday*. A Payment Holiday lets you take a three month break from paying your monthly premiums, if your payments are up to date or provided you’ve only missed one payment. You’ll remain covered by your policy, subject to your policy terms and conditions – giving you some breathing space. 

We’ll collect the three months premium due when your payment holiday ends.  Your regular monthly premiums will automatically restart at the end of the three months.  We’ll collect the amount owed around the same time as your next monthly premium. This may show as one payment or two separate payments within a few days of each other, on your bank statements. If you prefer, you can contact us at least 16 days in advance and pay the three months’ premiums using your credit or debit card.  

All you need to do is give us a call on 0370 010 4080** and we’ll talk you through the process. 

If you’ve not chosen to go on a Payment Holiday and have missed or cancelled a payment, you’ll remain covered by your policy for 60 days from the date of your first missed premium (this is the day your Direct Debit would have been collected).

If you restart your regular payments and pay your missing premiums within your 60 day time period, there will be no change to your cover or usual premiums. We won’t ask you any health or lifestyle questions, and there’s nothing else you need to do.  

For any other questions regarding Payment Holidays or missed payments, see our FAQs below. 

*Eligibility criteria apply

** Call charges may vary. For your protection we may record and monitor calls.