We all face hard times in life, from bereavement to illness, and we could all do with a reassuring chat from time to time. At Legal & General we recognise that we have a special responsibility to protect your health and wellbeing. Discover how you can benefit from our personalised health and wellbeing support services. Remember, you don’t need to make a claim to get the help you need, you can get in touch directly.

What is Wellbeing Support?

We’ve partnered with RedArc Assured Limited, whose registered nurses can provide you with practical and emotional assistance to enhance your health and wellbeing. Together, we’re offering a range of wellbeing support services that you can access if you’re going through a challenging time.

We've created this video to further explain the benefits for you.

Legal & General Wellbeing Support video

Our health and wellbeing services

There are lots of reasons why you may wish to access Wellbeing Support; maybe you’d like a friendly chat following a medical diagnosis, or advice on navigating healthcare systems. We want to support you as much as possible, whether you’re a policyholder, or immediate family such as a spouse, partner, or children living at home. Here are just some of the ways our dedicated support team can help.


1. Dealing with a serious illness

If you’ve been diagnosed with a serious illness or require support for a disability, your nurse will be there to offer wellbeing support. That includes helping you understand a diagnosis, advice on managing life with an illness or disability or return to work coaching.

2. Bereavement support

We know how hard it is to lose a loved one, but you can count on our bereavement support. Helping you cope or if all you require is someone to listen, RedArc nurses will hear you out.

3. Second Medical Opinion

For your own peace of mind following a diagnosis or course of treatment, RedArc can arrange face-to-face appointment with a UK-based specialist consultant.

4. Mental health support

If you’re having difficulties with your mental health and you’re not sure how to improve it, RedArc nurses can provide long-term support and guidance from a mental health nurse as well as counselling, therapy sessions and other forms of wellbeing support.

5. Carer support

Looking after a sick or elderly loved one is challenging for anyone, and if you’re in that situation, you’ve got to think about your health and wellbeing too. RedArc can offer emotional and practical support for carers whose wellbeing can be improved.

6. Help at home

It’s one thing to be discharged from hospital, but the recovery phase can also be a challenging time. RedArc nurses provide health and wellbeing advice over the phone while you’re at home.

7. Eldercare

Keeping your loved ones safe is the most important thing in the world, and RedArc can provide advice on how to support an elderly relative, whether they’re living independently or at a residential home.

8. Loneliness and isolation

We can all experience loneliness at different times in our lives – whether we’ve lost a loved one, relocated from our usual home or been diagnosed with an illness. No one should have to face these challenges alone, but our Wellbeing Support provides a direct line to a supportive RedArc nurse.

9. Specialist counselling

No two people have exactly the same challenges, and our Wellbeing Support treats you as an individual. Specialist counselling caters for you and your needs.

10. Dietary and lifestyle guidance

If you’re seeking advice on healthy living – for example, if you’re at risk of a heart attack, stroke or diabetes – RedArc nurses can offer you the guidance you need.

For more information, read our Wellbeing Support Guide.

Customer case studies

Wellbeing Support helps real people, with real situations, and the help available is varied and comprehensive. Here, we look at how RedArc supported two of our customers – their names have been changed for their privacy.

Naomi’s depression and bereavement.

When Naomi called RedArc she was feeling anxious, stressed and not sleeping. RedArc assigned her a mental health nurse who helped her with one-to-one phone calls and facilitated therapy. 

Naomi's case study
Johns case study

John's chronic condition

John had been experiencing abdominal discomfort for a couple of months when he contacted RedArc. His nurse’s help included supportive conversations, information and a second medical opinion.

How to access our health and wellbeing support

Our health and wellbeing matters to all of us, and RedArc's qualified and compassionate nurses will listen to your concerns and offer all the support they can. We know that trust is paramount when it comes to your health and so you'll be assigned a dedicated nurse when you get in touch.

From the day your policy begins you have access to Wellbeing Support. You don't need to make a claim first and receiving help from RedArc will not effect your policy in anyway.

If you’d like to access Legal & General Wellbeing Support, contact the independent nurse advisory service on 01244 623033*, or email: landgwellbeing@redarc.co.uk.

*To maintain privacy and confidentiality, RedArc do not record calls. Call charges may vary. Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. Any personal data shared with RedArc will only be used to provide the service requested and is not shared with third parties without your express consent.