Coronavirus Statement

IMPORTANT: for customers who bought our Travel Insurance on or after 13/3/2020

Legal & General Travel Insurance policies contain a pandemic/epidemic exclusion. This means that, as a result of the coronavirus being declared a pandemic, our policies will now not provide cover for scenarios where the reason for the claim is as a result of the coronavirus. This means that any claim being made as a result of the coronavirus will not be covered if this occurred on or after the 13/3/2020.

You can find full terms and conditions for all the protection offered within the General Exclusions section of the policy wording.

IMPORTANT: for customers who bought a travel insurance policy before 13/3/2020

Will my policy cover medical treatment for the Coronavirus if I become unwell on my trip and will my return home be covered?

If you travelled before 13/3/2020 and you become unwell during your trip as a result of the coronavirus you would be covered as normal under the medical expenses section of the policy. This is provided you have not travelled against FCO advice.

Will my policy cover me if I cancel my trip due to the Coronavirus?

If you become unwell in the UK and need to cancel due to the coronavirus meaning you aren’t fit to travel you would be covered under the Cancelling Your Trip section of the policy subject to the usual terms and conditions. This is provided your GP advised against travel before 13/3/2020.

There is no cover for cancelling because you don’t want to go because of the coronavirus.

In the first instance, you should contact your airline or travel provider. If your costs can’t be recovered from your airline or holiday provider, cover is provided for cancellation if the FCO advise against all or all but essential travel to the destination you have booked, provided this was before 13/3/2020 and after you booked and purchased your travel insurance.

Am I covered if I am quarantined during my trip?

There is generally no cover under the policy if you become quarantined. However, if you subsequently become ill with the coronavirus there is cover provided under the Medical and other expenses section of the policy. Again, this is provided you have not travelled against FCO advice and that you travelled prior to 13/3/2020.

The only cover provided is if you are travelling on a Cruise and have purchased the optional Cruise cover extension. If you have paid the required additional premium for this cover and it is shown on your schedule, you can make a claim for the policy Stateroom/Cabin Confinement benefit in the event you are quarantined/confined to your cabin by the ship’s medical officer. Any claim will be subject to the usual terms and conditions and is provided your policy was purchased and your travelled before 13/3/2020.