Bundled solutions

We currently manage over 3,780 pension schemes* for around 3.6 million members with assets under management in excess of £40 billion. We believe it’s our scale, experience and focus on reducing costs that enable us to succeed.

We provide a broad range of both trust- and contract-based products including buy-out plans and access to a SIPP functionality. For more information, please see our Products page.

Our products are auto-enrolment compliant and we can ensure members have access to the full range of pension freedoms.

Investment options

We provide access to over 80 funds from over 13 leading providers including target-date funds and lifestyle profiles. If you’re looking to provide an investment-only solution, please visit our Investment-only platform.

Asset transition

If you’re planning to transfer an existing scheme across to us, please see Changing provider.

Member communications and engagement

Members are fully supported by a comprehensive range of communications and Engagement solutions which are designed to help them make informed decisions regarding their pension pot and their options at retirement.

Our secure online account management facility provides access to a range of video tutorials, investment information and retirement planning tools so members can model a variety of possible outcomes.

We are delighted to work with clients and their advisers to develop effective bespoke engagement campaigns, optimising messages for different mediums and channels.

We also provide face-to-face presentations and supplement these sessions with videos, posters, desk-drops and on-screen messaging.

Our helplines are based in the UK.

Are we the right pension provider for your client?

See Why choose us for a summary of member and employer benefits and a list of recent industry awards.