Complete your Member’s Statement through our partner DocuSign, using the button below. It will only take a few moments.

We’re sorry to hear that you are currently absent from work. 

We provide your employer’s Group Income Protection (GIP) policy, which aims to provide many forms of support to employees who are absent from work.

To help us to consider the claim and see how we can support you, we’ll need more information. So please can you do the following: 

1.Complete the Member Statement (Claim Form) 

The form asks you to provide details of your illness (and its impacts on your daily life), the doctor/s you’re seeing and your job role. You’ll also need to consent to us contacting your doctor/s for further information related to your absence. If you’re too unwell to complete the form, a friend or family member can do this for you. Please can you ensure that this is sent back promptly as without the form the claim won’t be processed.

2. Send us copies of any medical letters or reports you’ve received from your GP and/or Consultant

There is an option to attach documents when completing the Member Statement (Claim Form) in Docusign.

This may help us with the assessment of the claim and prevent delays in obtaining medical evidence from your treating doctors. 

If you have any issues with completing the Member Statement, or have a Return to Work plan in place or are already back at work please contact us so we can discuss this with you and let you know if a Member’s Statement still needs to be completed.

If you have any queries about anything else, including payments, please contact your employer. As this is your employer's policy, we'll keep your employer updated on the progress of the claim so that they can keep you informed. 

For more information on what happens next and the benefits of the scheme, please read our Help Is At Hand leaflet.