For health answers when your clients need them most

Give your client quick access to some of the UK’s top specialist consultants and diagnostic test centres, for an extra £4.50 per month

When faced with a potentially serious health problem, we understand that people want answers and reassurance from the experts as quickly as possible. That’s why we’re working with AXIS and Trustedoctor to offer Private Diagnostics, to give your clients access to specialist consultants and private diagnostic centres when referred to cardiology, oncology or neurosurgery specialists to investigate symptoms.

Your client's referral is all taken care of through the Trustedoctor portal, including virtual consultations with their chosen specialist, appointments for non-invasive diagnostic tests, and receiving results. The service covers a broad range of diagnostics including blood tests, MRI and CT scans, mammograms, ECGs and more. It provides access to some of the UK’s top specialists, and offers testing at over 100 diagnostic centres throughout the UK.