Your updated site, designed with advisers, for advisers

24 June 2022

As part of our ongoing purpose to support the work of advisers, we set a goal of redesigning and rewriting your adviser protection site, to bring you the information you need, where you need it – with the aim of making your day-to-day work and job easier.

In order to achieve this, we recognised that we needed advisers to be our experts and guides. Our priority was to represent the best online user journey for your wide range of needs, and who better to steer us than the people who use the site and do the work, every day - you.

Researching the problems, so that we could fix them

Our research was a crucial step to understanding any gaps or shortcomings in the existing site, and how to improve our offering.

We spoke to advisers and other stakeholders about their current needs, top priorities, and how we could best support their day-to-day work. We encountered different requirements and ways of working. The aim was to gather information and find commonalities to make sure the site worked for as many intermediaries as possible.

The outcomes were enlightening and revealed issues that we wanted to resolve both quickly and thoroughly. Resolving any problems and creating solutions was a big focus for our multi-skilled team in the following months, informed with a new wealth of adviser insights.

How we turned the feedback into upgrades:

  • Improved, streamlined navigation

Once we had carried out our interviews and gained insights into the adviser journey, we ensured that the new navigation reflected all the top tasks and journeys advisers typically go through, so that using the site is as smooth as possible for you. The main things we focused on were creating minimal steps to obtain the information needed, clear signposting throughout the site and thoughtful next steps in the user journey.

  • Joined up content

A few areas of the website were identified as being suitable for merging, so we've consolidated these. For instance, these included some of the product pages, parts of underwriting, and claims. Our aim was to group them in a more logical way, and we’ve worked with advisers to ensure these new groupings make sense. 

  • Enhanced toolkit area

Adviser interviews revealed the importance of having a unified approach to the tools that help with your tasks and add value to your client conversations, so we've created a new area that brings these together. Now you’ll find areas such as tools and calculators, BDM support and claims all in one place.

  • Concise information

So that you can swiftly reach the information you need, we’ve made everything uncomplicated and simpler to understand. For instance, product pages now highlight key features and benefits to make it easier for you to make recommendations to your clients, and so they can more easily appreciate the nuances between them.

  • Adding key documents

We thought about the documents you might need to support the web pages you visit, and as a result we've included relevant key documents on almost all pages. This means you can access the relevant documents you need a lot quicker, so you don’t always need to go to the literature library to search. We’ve made changes there, too. With stronger support from our Virtual Assistant offering intuitive search functionality built in to the ‘help button’.

  • Your revitalised site to support your work

With the project complete, your site has now been revitalised to put advisers at the centre of the journey, clearly addressing the purpose of each page. We hope the improvements make a positive difference for you.

If you would like to discuss how the adviser site content can support your work, please talk to your relationship manager – there is a new area of the site created to find your business development manager, simply visit BDM Support. And, you can explore your newly updated site starting at the Adviser Protection homepage.

Thank you to everyone involved, with a special mention to the advisers and stakeholders we consulted, and the team who saw this project through at every stage.