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With a dedicated application portal, it’s quick and easy to submit your cases to Pepper Money.

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Once you’ve registered with Pepper Money, visit your ‘User Profile’. You can then select ‘Change your Submission Route’ and select Legal & General Mortgage Club. This will update your payment route when submitting an application.

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You can discuss client circumstances with our experienced BDM team before submitting a DIP.  

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Who we are

Pepper Money are a multi-award-winning specialist lender offering Residential and Buy to Let mortgages exclusively through intermediaries. 

We believe in challenging the accepted, taking a more human approach to underwriting, to build a truer picture and reach a fairer outcome for your customers.

What we do

At Pepper, we pride ourselves on our ability to look beyond the numbers on a credit score. Our specialist team of skilled, mandated underwriters review each case on its own merits. 

With broad criteria, competitive pricing and a positive lending attitude, we help you to help more of your customers. From first time buyers and the recently self-employed, to those with adverse credit or complex incomes.

Better for service and support

  • Manual underwriting on all cases
  • Dedicated underwriting contact from application to offer
  • No credit scoring or auto-cascading – the product you see is what you get
  • Transparent range based on registration date of latest CCJ, default or secured missed payment
  • Unsecured credit never affects product tier
  • No value limit on CCJs and defaults; no need for them to be satisfied
  • Capital raising permissible, without LTV restriction, e.g. for business use or debt consolidation
  • No debt to income ratio

Better for Residential 

  • One year’s self-employed trading accepted
  • Latest year used for affordability when trading for two years or more
  • Day rate contractors must be in a contract and able to demonstrate a minimum 12 months’ history (daily rate x 5 x 46)
  • Interest Only up to 60% LTV with no amendments to criteria
  • Sale of main residence accepted as repayment vehicle with no pre-defined minimum equity
  • They use ‘add backs’ for Limited Co Directors, including pension, car allowance and home office costs, to boost affordability 

Better for Buy to Let 

  • They have no background portfolio stressing
  • 125% of pay rate for Limited Company BTL irrespective of applicant tax band
  • No maximum cumulative LTV % gearing limit on the background portfolio
  • Market rental figures used as advised by the valuer rather than rent received

Important Resources  

Pepper’s ever improving range of tools such as our Residential affordability calculator provide a guide of the maximum amount your customer may be able to borrow. Plus, you can identify the right product and documents required for your customer in seconds with their Product Finder and Document Finder.

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