Melton Building Society

How to register with this lender as a new user

Melton Building Society have an online end to end mortgage processing system. This new system enables you to register, obtain a DIP, submit an application, upload documents and track cases online - all in one easy to access place.  Once registered you can log in here.

Please note: online registration is for the Melton Building Society and MBS Lending, however, online application submission is for Society products only. All MBS Lending cases will remain paper based.

How to add Mortgage Club as a payment route with this lender

On submission of the application, there will be a drop-down box where you can select your preferred payment route.

How to contact this lender

01664 414144 (Option 1 for new sales, option 2 for registrations)

Live Chat Via our website

Who we are we?

The Melton Building Society has been providing mortgages for over 140 years and we are committed to supporting brokers to help people buy their own homes. Our Broker Website can be found here –

What we do

  • Lend across England & Wales
  • No credit scoring in Society
  • Flexible approach and cases looked at individually
  • Direct contact with the assessor dealing with your application
  • Dedicated Broker Support Team
  • Specialist in self build mortgages
  • Long successful track record of handling complex cases

What does the Melton provide?

  • Shared Ownership mortgage
    • 5% deposit
    • minimum age 18
  • Residential mortgages
    • Low deposit (10%)
    • New build houses with up to 80% LTV
    • Flats up to 95% LTV (new build max 60% LTV)
    • Let to Buy up 90% LTV on new residential purchase
    • Interest only
    • Remortgage up to 90% LTV
  • Buy to Let mortgages
    • let to family up to 75% LTV
    • non owner occupiers, first time buyers and first time landlords
    • minimum income can be shared between joint borrowers
    • Holiday Let, regulated family BTL & consumer BTL
  • Self Build mortgages
    • stage payments in advance including to purchase land
    • interest only payments for build period
    • option to transfer to another product and waive ERCs (subject to eligibility) on receipt of completion certificate and final inspection
    • 75% LTV
    • No acreage restrictions & agricultural ties considered
  • Short Term Lending (available on self-build & residential)
    • Term 1 year to 5 years
    • Loans £100k to £750k
    • No ERCs
Fee received from lender
(Gross fee)
We'll pay you
(Net fee)
Residential 0.400% (min £150)0.380% (min £143)
Shared Ownership0.400% (min £150)0.380% (min £143)
Buy to Let0.450% (min £150)0.400% (min £150)
Near Prime Enhance /Prime One0.500% (min £150)0.450% (min £150)
Self Build0.500% (min £150)0.450% (min £150)
Credit Assist/Credit Recovery0.550% (min £150)0.500% (min £150)
RIO (Retirement Interest Only)0.450% (min £150)0.400% (min £150)
Retention Products0.260% (min £150)0.250% (min £150)